Start a new tomo project with a sample config.


$ tomo init [APP]

Set up a new tomo project named APP. If APP is not specified, the name of the current directory will be used. This command creates a .tomo/config.rb file relative the current directory containing some example configuration. Refer to Configuration for a detailed explanation of this file.

tomo init will make educated guesses about your project and fill in some configuration settings for you:

  • nodenv_node_version based on node --version
  • nodenv_install_yarn based on whether yarn is present
  • git_url based on metadata in .git/ for this project, if present
  • rbenv_ruby_version based on the version of Ruby being used to run tomo


Option Purpose
--[no-]color By default, tomo automatically determines whether to use color output based on the capabilities of the terminal. Use this option to override this behavior and force tomo to enable or disable color output.
--[no-]debug Enables verbose logging output that is helpful for troubleshooting. This includes runtime information such as the environment variables on the remote host and all tomo settings. Each SSH command executed by tomo is also logged in detail.
--[no-]trace Normally if a tomo command fails, a concise and helpful error message is printed. If --trace is specified, tomo will also print the full backtrace.
-h, --help Prints the help for this tomo command, similar to what you see on this page.


$ cd my-rails-app
$ tomo init
✔ Created .tomo/config.rb