The rbenv plugin provides a way to install and run a desired version of ruby. This is the recommended way to manage ruby for Rails apps.


Name Purpose Default
bashrc_path Location of the deploy user’s .bashrc file ".bashrc"
rbenv_ruby_version Version of ruby to install; if nil (the default), determine the version based on .ruby-version nil



Installs rbenv, uses rbenv to install ruby, and makes the desired version of ruby the global default version for the deploy user. During installation, the user’s bashrc file is modified so that rbenv is automatically loaded for interactive and non-interactive shells.

Behind the scenes, rbenv installs ruby via ruby-build, which compiles ruby from source. This means installation can take several minutes. If the desired version of ruby is already installed, the compilation step will be skipped.

You must supply a value for the rbenv_ruby_version setting or have a .ruby-version file in your project for this task to work.

rbenv:install is intended for use as a setup task.